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Mansfield Choral Society has charitable status and is governed by a constitution in line with the requirements of the Charity Commission and administered by committee. Click on each link to see the description of each role or to email the current committee members.


Pauline Parkhouse - Contact

What this role does:

  • To act as the public face/figurehead of the choir and the main point of contact for people and organisations from outside the choir.
  • To lead and run committee meetings and to exercise a casting vote when necessary
  • To lead and run the choir AGM
  • To communicate with and manage the Musical Director
  • To be the voice and PR contact for the choir
  • To communicate committee news, rehearsal, concert and general information to the choir
  • To be a co-signatory for the choir bank account
  • Organise choir study day events
  • Liaise with the music committee in planning the choir concert programme
  • To work closely with the Publicity Officer in promoting the choir in the community and for specific events/concerts


Arthur Kendrick - Contact

What this role does:

  • Manage financial health of Society
  • Prepare Accounts & present to Society at AGM
  • Charities commission responsibilities including submitting accounts for audit at appropriate times
  • Pay all bills as agreed by committee
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Gift Aid – Maintain records & claim
  • Budget Preparation
  • Attend Music Committee for Budgeting purposes



Alison Stanley - Contact

What this role does:

  • Prepare AGM /Agenda  details and circulate to choir membership three weeks prior to AGM along with Secretary’s Report
  • Keep membership details
  • Prepare  registers of attendance at rehearsals/study days every Term
  • Prepare Information Sheets
  • Deal with all official correspondence
  • Deal with enquiries via web site
  • Deal with pastoral care
  • Liaise with Queen Elizabeth Academy
  • Offer support to other committee members

Concert Secretary

Pauline Parkhouse - Contact

What this role does:

  • Work with MD / music committee to plan music for concerts.
  • Contact venues - view/book venue.
  • Work with relevant people from other choirs for joint concerts.
  • Liaise with MD to ascertain number of musicians/ soloists and concert running order.
  • Source/contact musicians/soloists.
  • Liaise with producers of posters/flyers/programmes - source photos/biographies of musicians/soloists.
  • Work with person responsible for the venue (e.g. caretaker) to organise staging, seating, timing etc.
  • Ensure soloists & musicians have all the information they need and ascertain/organise their requirements.
  • Organise volunteers to help on concert day e.g. - programmes sales.
  • Allocate seating to voice sections and liaise with voice stewards.
  • Organise concert day - rehearsal timing etc. Make sure all participants have all the information they need.
  • Apply for any Events Licences which are needed.
  • Liaise with Social Secretary - refreshments & gifts.
  • Liaise with Treasurer so cheques are available when needed.



Stephen Hewlett-Davies

What this role does:

  • Following Music Committee meeting, order music for next concert from Nottingham Library.  If they don’t hold what we want the next port of call is Kirklees Council; then Making Music.
  • Telephone Windblowers in Nottingham for prices of music to buy.
  • Put out lists at Practice as soon as possible for people to ‘hire’, ‘have got’ or ‘buy’.
  • Order music to buy from Windblowers.  They will telephone once it is in and then it can be collected.
  • When Nottingham Library let us know that they have obtained the music they will forward it to a designated Library branch, and you will pick it up from there – the reverse happens after the Concert.
  • Prepare Section lists of all members.
  • On first night of term arrive early with music, lists of members and music which has been ordered.  This can be paid for up front or on the night.
  • This procedure should continue for a couple of weeks or so, by which time most of the music will have been given out.
  • On Concert night
    • Take enough crates for the return of the music from members (usually 95% is returned on the night).
    • Sort the music out for return to the Library as soon as possible so you know whose is missing.
    • Missing music – get on the telephone to members as soon as possible, as you will only have a few days to get all the music back to the Library.

General members

Lesley Davis

Karen Seymour

Simon Hurrell


What this role does:

  • Be responsible for ‘Special Projects’, as required by Committee
  • Assist the Librarian, when requested and/or at busy times
  • Assist the Concert Secretary, when requested and/or at busy times
  • [Gentlemen] Assist with staging/chairs on concert days as required

Minutes Secretary

Kim Allan


What this role does:

  • Take all actions at all meetings and circulate to committee members
  • Arrange agendas and circulate in advance of committee meetings with pre-reading materials


Nick Shelley

What the Publicity Officer does:

  • Promote the choir and be the public facing contact for publicity
  • Manage and organise concert publicity, including; media, posters/flyers
  • Design copy for publicity materials
  • Design publicity campaigns. Utilise and organise choir members to assist
  • Manage local authority messages
  • Be the focus and approver of website content

Archivist - non committee member

Ralph Chapman

What this role does:


The activities of the committee are complemented by input from many choir members who give their time and effort voluntarily in a wide range of ways including catering and rehearsal set up; which is greatly appreciated.

The choir could not operate effectively without the work of the Voice stewards – these members represent each section on the choir, welcoming new members and settling them in; acting as the link to the committee and co-ordinating seating on concert days.

We also have our very own webmaster, Arthur Kendrick who works hard to maintain this website to keep it fresh and up to date.

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